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Recent work and work in process…

In Process

Follow the Sun, an immersive 360° video narrative, The Hideous, Howling Wilderness, an ongoing collection of photographs shot while on solitary outings in woods, beaches, lakes, and gardens, and Look at Your Fish, a proposed interactive Augmented Reality (AR) project.

Wind on the Wing

Installed at Wave Hill’s Glyndor Gallery, 12 wind-driven pinwheels influence sound recordings of commonly heard, local Bronx birds and associated tones. The speed of each wind-turned pinwheel affects the variations in the projection and audio, which are seen and heard inside the gallery.

Seep (Hourglass)

This installation recalls the meditative experience of watching and hearing the rain as a child. The hand-drawn images and stop-motion animations are played through an old black and white TV to connect the viewer to the past and to communicate a trance-like, meditative state of escaping the present.

Treetones Tour

A site-specific installation on Governors Island, Treetones Tour was inspired by the beauty of the bare trees and bark which are accentuated during the winter months on the island. To bring awareness to the trees, custom bark-rubbed fabric wraps were sewn and tied around twelve different trees. Identification cards with handmade tree bark rubbings and descriptions of the “tone” of each tree were created and placed in pockets in the fabric wraps.

Insideout House

Insideout House is a binaural audio installation that simulates the experience of solitude within a natural soundscape. A wooden outhouse is embedded with sounds recorded in woodland and quiet agricultural landscapes. Using simulated blindness to enhance the aural sense, the project explores aims to mimic the restorative experience of being in nature using auditory stimuli. While in the darkened structure, viewers are invited to visualize their experience by creating a drawing, which they may then contribute to the installation.

Birds of Brooklyn

Birds of Brooklyn is a community-based audio artwork that brings the sounds of Brooklyn’s displaced, endangered, and bygone birds to sites around the Borough. During daylight and early evening hours, bird songs that are rarely heard in densely populated Brooklyn neighborhoods are projected from each participating location. Twenty different recordings can be heard by neighborhood residents and passersby, including the Ring-necked Pheasant, Grasshopper Sparrow, and the Eastern Blue Bird.

8 Extraordinary Greens

8 Extraordinary Greens was a participatory exhibition at Mixed Greens Gallery. With a series of “domestic microfarms” and a “farmstand”, the exhibition explored the value placed on food and artistic social practice through interactions with gallery visitors. A spinoff project, Seeding the City, was developed for Pulse Miami with support from Mixed Greens and the Stevens Prize.

Seeding the City

Seeding the City was a participatory, site-specific project developed for Pulse Miami – Art Basel. Referencing the fable “The Cock and the Jewel”, the furniture farms installed at the fair introduced visitors to the value of household agriculture. Created and crowdfunded by Pulse Art Fair visitors, the project raised money for the Farm@Verde Gardens, which helps formerly homeless families gain experience growing food for the community.

Reclaimed Remnants

Reclaimed Remnants was a site-responsive installation created in an abandoned gravel pit that had been reclaimed by a stand of pine trees at I-Park Foundation in East Haddam, CT. Pieces of rock and gravel found among the pine trees were tied with string and hung from the branches of the trees. A video performance accompanied the installation.

The Hideous, Howling Wilderness

The Hideous, Howling Wilderness is an ongoing collection of photographs shot while on solitary outings in woods, beaches, lakes, and gardens. Using a macro lens on my phone or a point & shoot camera, these quick, immediate images expose the small worlds all around us, revealing the beauty, struggle, and death of their inhabitants