In Process

Current work in process…

Follow the Sun – 360° video

Follow the Sun is an immersive 360° video narrative documenting one location in the Catskill Mountains of New York State over four seasons. In this personal exploration of my mother’s death, the viewer experiences the fluctuating rhythms and weather of mountain life; of life, death, and loss.

A short excerpt is available to view in 360 format on YouTube. In this scene from the first season, Winter, I’m standing at the end of the pond. An old super-8 video of my mother and myself as a child is seen in the sunset. Drag the mouse to navigate around the scene.

Excerpt – Winter (Drag the mouse to navigate around the scene)

The Hideous, Howling Wilderness

The Hideous, Howling Wilderness is an ongoing collection of photographs shot while on solitary outings in woods, beaches, lakes, and gardens. Using a macro cellphone lens or a point & shoot camera, these quick, immediate images expose the small worlds all around us, revealing the beauty, struggle, and death of their inhabitants.

Look at Your Fish

Look at Your Fish – Garden Example Installation
Look at Your Fish – Gallery Wall Example Installation with Audio