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Inside Out House

A binaural audio installation that simulates the experience of solitude within a natural soundscape.

Binaural recordings give the effect of hearing sound in three-dimensional space and provide a unique sensory “reality.” This experience challenges the viewer to surrender to the auditory sense, conjure a feeling of solitude rarely encountered in the urban environment, and visualize their experience through drawing.


Visitors may contribute a “sound drawing,” which is then hung on the structure itself. These raw, experimental documents, created by participants while inside the darkened InsideOut House, represent the collective experiences of the visitors.

The aim is to challenge viewers to connect their aural sense to the responsive, tactile act of drawing — documenting the experience of hearing a natural soundscape.


BRIC Biennial, Brooklyn, NY
September 20-December 29, 2014

FOODShed, CR10, Hudson, NY
August 8-September 5, 2015


BRIC Biennial – Hyperallergic
(Jillian Steinhauer : August 20, 2014)

Inside the BRIC Biennial – Flavorpill
(Emily Turner: September 23, 2014)

Special thanks to Zeven Rodriguez at Howlin Wolves and David Mussen for their contributions.