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Into Indra

Into Indra is a video installation that draws on the Buddhist metaphor, “Indra’s Net,” to illustrate the interconnectedness of all things.

A close-up video of common insects morphing into fractals is projected onto a wall of small mirrors. As visitors move through the space, the mirrors gently shift, creating small vibrating circles that reflect the video onto the walls, floor, and ceiling. The subtle sounds of insects and traditional singing bowls accompany the installation, creating an immersive, meditative environment.

In the story of Indra, a net of polished jewels reflects all the other jewels, creating a fractal-like optical illusion. This symbolizes the universe as a web of connections and interdependences. Each component exists on its own but is also connected to every other. 

As a member and regular visitor to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, I envision this installation in the Garden’s exhibition space (and similar spaces). The images here demonstrate how the installation could be installed.

The mirror wall and projection would be installed on the long, left-side wall adjacent to the Desert Pavillion. The two nearby square windows would contain semi-transparent decals (created from video stills) that would project onto the floor, creating another instance of Indra’s metaphor of reflection and illusion.

Approximate dimensions: 90″x112″ mirror wall, variable window decals

Into Indra – Mirrors with video projection (Detail)