Current Projects

InsideOUT House
A binaural audio installation that simulates the experience of solitude within a natural soundscape. At the BRIC Biennial September - December 2014.

Birds of Brooklyn
A grant-funded, community-based, public audio installation and website highlighting Brooklyn's endangered and bygone birds. Featured project at Pulse Miami Beach December 2014

Seeding the City
A participatory, site-specific project exhibited at Pulse Miami during Art Basel featured furniture farms and a collaborative drawing to support Verde Gardens.

8 Extraordinary Greens
A participatory project exhibited at Mixed Greens in New York City, which explored through interactions with gallery visitors the value placed on food and artistic social practice.

In Progress

Creating aural connections to natural environments through the harmonic tones generated by wind harps installed in trees and abandoned buildings.

A series of walking tours in urban greenspaces and parks.

Recent Projects